How to pay the credit card quickly?

Financially speaking, you may feel comfortable paying the minimum requested by the bank on your credit card. But it is not advisable to get used to this. Paying small amounts of money will only increasingly drive the end of the debt, so we want to give you some tips to pay the credit card .

What is the benefit of paying the credit card with more than the minimum amount? Much, if you did not know or had not noticed, in your last statements you should increase the minimum payment required by the bank.

This is due to the fact that the Bank of Mexico established new rules that financial institutions must follow to set the minimum amount required each month. Do you think it’s bad news? It is not, in fact, it is very positive because in this way you can pay off your debt in less time and pay less interest.

Paying your credit card quickly may seem like a titanic task, but it is easier than you imagine, even if you have other financial commitments.

All you need is a good plan with easy to execute financial strategies. Here we will give it to you. Pay attention to the following strategies.

Focus on your personal budget

Focus on your personal budget

First things first, before making a personal budget you should start by reviewing all your monthly income and expenses: food, transportation, housing and do not forget to include the amount you allocate for entertainment, although you may not have a fixed amount each month it is important that you do An approximate calculation.

All these amounts must go by item in paper or digital format, there are many apps on the internet that can serve you. Add up all the expenses and compare them with your income, the first ones should not exceed the amount that you receive monthly.

Check which item you can reduce, avoid or postpone for a certain time, at the end of this small evaluation you will notice that there will be an amount of money left over that you can undoubtedly allocate to the payment of the debt on the credit card .

The budget will keep you updated on what you earn and spend each month in a structured way. Believe it or not, order is one of the keys to focus on what you should do, in this case stick to the budget and then meet all financial commitments.

Always pay more than the minimum

Always pay more than the minimum

Obviously paying the credit card is not the only commitment you should have and that is why sometimes it will seem convenient to pay only the minimum amount to the TC, but this strategy should be the exception and not the rule.

Paying the minimum will extend the debt over time, as you will only be paying to cover a very small part of the capital you owe the bank.

The minimum payment without delay will help you at least to keep your credit history clean, but keep in mind that the longer it takes to settle the debt, the more money you will end up paying out thanks to the interest that is included each month in the amount you must pay.

Pay one debt at a time

Pay one debt at a time

Do you have debts on more than one credit card and do not know what to do? Start by identifying the debts from highest to lowest and try to focus on covering the least expensive first.

That way you will get out of the commitments faster and you can dedicate yourself to paying the most expensive.

If you feel that the above strategy does not work for you or does not meet your expectations, you should look for other ways to meet the objective of paying off debts in a more effective way. Did you know that you have the Good Bank service that allows you to defer the balance of your credit cards and pay in convenient installments?

Forget the interests

How does the Good Bank service work? It allows you to defer your credit card debt and you get more time to pay them in very comfortable terms that you can choose according to your needs (3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 months).

Cut usual expenses

We know that getting rid of expenses that provide comfort, happiness and entertainment is not easy. Trust us, it is an effective strategy that will bring you closer to the goal of paying the credit card faster and with less stress . What expenses can you cut? Keep reading…

For example, if you pay for streaming services but you don’t usually use them frequently, stop them for a season. If you usually reward yourself every month with a piece of clothing, avoid doing so for a while.

If you love to go out to eat outside every weekend, reduce trips to restaurants to 1 or maximum 2 times a month.

If you decide to meet with friends to go for drinks, choose to invite them to your home and prepare a cocktail with whatever they have at hand and take advantage of the time for some board games. This way you will save money and continue to enjoy good company.

With the implementation of this type of strategy you will realize that you can save some pesos that you can definitely allocate to the partial or total settlement of the debt on the credit card .

Remember, it’s not about depriving yourself of everything you like forever, just changing some expenses in a timely manner.


Credit cards generate debts , but you should not see them as tools that make you live in financial danger and with stress, on the contrary, they are instruments that you should use intelligently to finance yourself and obtain benefits such as increasing limits and access to larger loans .

Taking advantage of the budget, paying more than the minimum and cutting the expenses you can be key in your purpose of paying debts. But this is not the only way, remember that you also have the option of the service that Good Bank offers, to pay your TC without having to mortify you for the payment term.

Implementing the tips indicated here will give you the opportunity to be debt free faster. This way you will put your commitments in order, you will have room to think about new goals and clean up your personal finances.