Boat license – Cost and financing for the boat license

If you want to drive a motorboat with more than 15 hp in Germany, you need a boating license. There are several variants of this certificate. The most important are the Good Loan See and the Good Loan Binnen. They form the basis for all other specializations that enthusiasts can still make in the episode.

This article deals in detail with the subject of boating license: From the prerequisites, types and providers on the learning and test content to the costs and financing options, the guide answers the most essential questions about the legal permit for the (almost) limitless water fun.

Variants of the boating license

Variants of the boating license

In addition, there are other bills, which are aimed at advanced, which are already equipped with the sea and inland certification.

 For driving a sports boat with more than 15 hp (11.03 kW) net power at sea or on the coast, the license is required.

Sport license lake

For driving a sports boat with more than 15 hp (11.03 kW) net power at sea or on the coast, the license is required. It applies to motor boats and motorized sailboats.

Sport license inland

Those who only want to enjoy themselves on inland waters with a motorboat from 15 hp, need the inland license. This authorizes to drive boats, which are maximally 15 meters long . The boat license Binnen is available as a combination for motorboats and motorized sailboats and as a single variant (either motorboat or motorized sailboat).

tip All those who can imagine well from the beginning, not only in inland waters, but also to go to sea, should devote themselves to the boat license lake. This eliminates the practice test in the recreational boating license Binnen, as the one who can control the boat safely at sea, also copes well with the inland waters).

Other boat licenses at a glance

Anyone who does not have enough after obtaining the maritime and inland certification can face the following challenges:

a) Ski Ki Ski (SKS)

The Ski Ki Ski (SKS) closes the gap between the Good Loan See and the Sportseeschifferschein / Sporthochseeschifferschein. It applies in coastal waters of all seas (three to twelve nautical miles away from the coast).

The basic requirement for the SKS is the Sportführerschein See and the proof of 300 nautical miles (sm) on yachts . It can be completed under engine and sail or under engine only and is suitable for all license holder sea owners who want to gain more experience on the water , as well as for sailors.

b) maritime license (SSS)

The maritime license (SSS) authorizes the use of motor yachts and sailing yachts in coastal waters of all seas (up to 30 nm distance), as well as in the North Sea , Baltic Sea , Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Irish and Scottish Sea . Prerequisites are either the possession of the maritime sport boat license and the proof of 1000 sm on yachts as guards or the possession of the SKS and the proof of 700 nm on yachts as guards.

c) Sport Hochseeschifferschein (SHS)

The Sporthochseeschifferschein (SHS) allows the driver to run motor and sailing yachts worldwide. Condition is the proof of 1000 sm on yachts as watch guards after the acquisition of the SSS.

Requirements for the boat license

Requirements for the boat license

In order to be allowed to make the boat license lake or inland, certain conditions have to be met. In addition, it should be noted that the obtained bill may be withdrawn under certain circumstances.

Which requirements are necessary for the acquisition of the boating license?

Anyone who wants to complete a boating license must be at least 16 years old. In principle, it is also possible to tackle the matter as early as three months before the age of sixteen. However, the bill itself will not be issued until the deadline.

Important Teenagers need the written consent of a guardian to make the bill.

To register for the exam, are

  • a passport photo
  • a car license copy *
  • and a medical certificate **


* Young people under the age of 18 do not need a driver’s license copy. Interested parties who do not possess a driver’s license must submit a police certificate of good conduct (pursuant to § 30 (5) BZRG).

Danger An adult applicant who has been permanently deprived of the vehicle driving license may not take the examination for the boat license. According to § 6 (5) of the Good Loanverordnung (SpFV) it is considered unreliable.
** It is essential to conduct a medical examination. This can be done by any doctor. He checks the general visual and color vision, as well as the hearing and general health. When registering for the exam, the medical certificate must be presented.

Prior knowledge of boating is not required – it only needs interest and the will to get involved in the theoretical and practical courses on the topics and to deal with them exactly to pass the exam.

In which cases can the boat license be withdrawn?

Basically, the boat license is a lifetime testimony . It may happen that he is deprived of the owner.

Typical examples are:

  • Loss of sight, color vision or hearing, perhaps as a result of an accident or illness
  • Loss of physical or mental fitness (accident or illness as cause)
  • Repeated violations of the rules on lakes or inland waters (keyword: water protection)

Details can be found in § 13 of the Good Loanverordnung .

Can the boating license be repeated?

If you fail the exam, you can repeat it as often as you like. However, the costs are incurred each time anew. Therefore, it is advisable to invest the necessary time in the first attempt in order to optimally prepare and reach the goal.

An SBF sea or SBF landowner who has been deprived of the bill must report to the competent authority. Maybe he gets the boating license under conditions and conditions back. This depends on the severity of the restriction and the violation.

The boat license always contains the United Nations International Certificate.

Boat license – contents and costs

Boat license - contents and costs

The completion of the boating license is divided into three sections:

  • theory
  • practice
  • exam

The contents of these sections do not differ. The situation is different in terms of costs: depending on region, institution and size, they are higher or lower. Therefore, in the contribution are largely called price ranges . The specific costs should ask the interested party directly at the envisaged institution.

Content and costs of theory

The theory lesson deals with different topics. Following a general introduction and definitions, the topics are, inter alia, shipping law, light guidance and sound signals as well as distress signals, weather and environmental protection . Other focal points include maneuvering under engine, concreting and firing and rope crew . In principle, the contents of the maritime license are a bit more comprehensive than those of the inland waterway license.

Duration: A few days to several weeks (depending on the type of course and your own time budget)
Costs: About 100 to 200 EUR (depending on the type of course, extent, duration and provider)

Contents and costs of practice

In practical lessons it is about implementing the acquired theory. The instructor will instruct the student directly on a motorboat in a sea or inland waterway, what works and how it should behave when. While theory classes are commonly held for whole groups, the practice usually takes place in one-to-one sessions . The leader arranges these individually with the aspirant for the boating license. Depending on how quickly the student acquires the practical skills, more or less units are required.

Duration: Different (sometimes one or two practical units are enough)
Cost: about 100 to 300 EUR

Contents and costs of the exam

In the theory test, it is a pool of 280 questions that the future owner of the license must learn, 30 questions about the M

answer ultiple-choice system . Each question comes with four possible answers. Only one of them is right. The candidate has a maximum of 60 minutes . In addition, there is a question in the test sheet that acts as a map task (navigation). It consists of nine sub-questions, which are to be answered with formulated sentences.

The practical exam requires the student to correctly demonstrate several compulsory maneuvers (at the latest) on the second attempt . The compulsory maneuvers include, for example, loading and unloading, driving by compass, aiming and rescue maneuvers . In addition, the aspirant must pass two of three elective maneuvers on the second attempt. The examiner selects the tasks. Examples include the creation of a life jacket / safety belt, the turning in a confined space and the course-friendly Aufstoppen mentioned. Furthermore, it is important to demonstrate six out of nine knots six on the second try .

Cost: About 50 to 100 EUR

As a rule, the theoretical and practical tests do not take place on the same day.

Attention: If the theory exam is passed but the practical exam is not passed (or vice versa), the following rules must be taken into account:

  • Within one year, the failed exam is to be repeated successfully, otherwise the passed exam loses its validity
  • The next possible date for the repetition of the failed exam is one month after the failed attempt

What about the boat license by crash course?

There is the option to acquire the boating license by means of a crash course . This usually takes only one weekend or a maximum of one week .

Due to the shortened time , the costs are sometimes much lower . However, the candidate for the boating license for the need for flexibility in time and must take one or the other loss in terms of quality and detail in purchasing.

Extra: Boat license via online course

Another way to pass the boating license, forming the existing online courses for several years. Like crash courses, they are associated with much lower costs (on average EUR 40). The advantage is that the student can learn from home and whenever he has time. An experienced professional (the provider of the respective online course) is available as an accompaniment. Please note that the online course only replaces the theoretical lesson . The practical part is to be completed separately.

General additional costs

The following costs apply to everyone, regardless of the chosen course:

  • Medical certificate: 0 to 50 EUR
  • Navigation cutlery: about 5 to 15 EUR (loan); about 25 to 70 EUR (buy)
  • Fee for the issuance of the bill: about 15 EUR
  • Pyroschein *: about 100 EUR

All in all, the cost of the boat license lake or inland between 310 and 835 euros .

Financing options for the boat license

Financing options for the boat license

In essence, there are three ways to finance the boat license in the event of an acute bottleneck:

  • Installment by the provider
  • Classic bank loan
  • Small loan (from Smike)

If the provider of the boating license offers installment payments, this is often associated with high interest rates . The same applies to the classic bank loan (for example for a longer term). In addition, he is commonly only available to people with good credit ratings. Given the disadvantages of these two variants, a small loan is the best solution.

Small loan from Smike as an ideal solution

In a small loan , the borrower benefits from the short term (two weeks to a few months), resulting in low interest rates. Furthermore, people with medium credit standing have the chance to get credit. In the case of the commitment, the money is in the account of the applicant within a short time. Also, the examination of the application takes little time. The Smike microcredit is a short, quick and inexpensive way to finance the boat license.


Provider for the boat license in Germany

For Good Loan the German motor yacht federation registered association (DMYV) and the German sailor federation registered association (DSV) are responsible. They cooperate with numerous associations throughout the Federal Republic , offering courses and conducting examinations. However, there are also schools that are not DMYV or DSV certified and often much cheaper.

Important Interested parties do not necessarily have to complete the courses with a DMYV or DSV-certified club. Only the examinations are to be carried out at a corresponding institution.

Note: There is no obligation to take courses . In order to obtain the driving license, it is necessary to participate in and pass the exam (theory and practice). It is up to you whether you want to acquire the content yourself (for example, with the help of a low-cost online course) or if you would like to attend a more or less extensive classroom course. Here are the options extremely diverse.

Does the boat license also apply abroad?

Yes. The boat license (issued since 2018 in the practical credit card format) always contains the United Nations International Certificate . Thus, he finds worldwide recognition.